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Forests, Waters & Volcanoes

Nickenich is situated in the Pellenz, at the foot of the eastern mountain hills of the Laacher See (lake Laach), a purely preserved nature reserve untouched still to this day. The area is of volcanic origin. Still 13.000 years ago, volcanoes were active here. Today forests, fields and meadows radiate a perceptible silence and calmness. Nickenich belongs to the most densely wooded places of the Eastern Eifel.
All around the church Saint Arnulf the visitor is surprised again and again by idyllic corners. The gate of the former castle, the place at the village lime-tree in the center of the village, the romantic Bach Street or all around the fountain on Montfort L‘Amaury Place at the city hall. Here and in many small alleys you can feel the typical village character which has developed for over 2000 years. A true refuge of rest and recreation is the biotope “Saure Wiss“ with its lovely flora
and fauna.

Walkable Nickenich! Nickenich is indeed the starting point of marvelous walking tours. On well marked hiking and Nordic walking trails you can enjoy the much-admired nature. Teaching paths within the volcano park invite you to discover the traces left behind by volcanism. Here one experiences how the scenery has originated and how people took advantage of the volcanic rocks. More than twenty sites may be discovered on a journey through history.

Approx. 200.000 years ago the Eppelsberg volcano was active and is today a typical cinder cone. The modern mining unveiled in a most spectacular way the crater and the crater rim as well as a tuff ring situated below in a wall of 70m. Thus a geologic monument was created allowing a unique insight into the inside of a cinder cone.

Basalt dikes, cinders and an older tuff ring illustrate the exciting history of the origin of the Eppelsberg volcano and its surroundings.
The scenery becomes more contemplative on the lake-side of the Laacher See at the world-famous Benedictine‘s cloister Maria Laach. The lake seems to be a big eye and reflects the light of the seasons in a fascinating way. The various species of fish and lakefronts covered with reed and water lilies are a paradise for rare aquatic birds.

Several circular routes lead through varied woods in the neighborhood passing near the Wingertsbergwand to the best-known geologic outcrop of the volcano of Laacher See. This is the perfect place to retrace the history of the greatest volcano eruption in the younger Earth history of Central Europe.
A good infrastructure also makes Nickenich a starting point for numerous day trips. The wine regions of Ahr, Rhine and Moselle with their romantic castles and wine terraces invite to discover the area. You can also reach lovely places in the Eifel on routes leading through a beautiful landscape. At a distance of 8 km from Nickenich we find the greatest cold water geyser of the world.

  Marvelous nature parks and geoparks, the numerous maars in the Eifel or the “Hohe Acht” (high eight), the highest mountain of the Eifel, and the nearby world-famous racetrack of Nürburgring.Nickenich offers the whole range of places to discover in a scenery of forests, waters and volcanoes. An ideal place to stay for discoverer‘s tours in the Pellenz and the whole land of Rhineland-Palatinate.
Modern guest-rooms at two hotels and holiday apartments as well as a camping site situated on the lakeside invite you to spend your holidays in the beautiful area.